2247 - Margaret Watt (II) to James Watt (II), 18 September 1787

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Caltoun Septr 18 1787
Hond Sir

I received your Freindly letter from my Mama
am much oblidged to you for your good advice and heartily
sorry you should have cause to write to me in such severe
terms but be ashured Dear Father I meant no disrespect to
any one by that fatal letter and I am very much distress=
=ed that it should be taken up in that sense or have
given you a moments uneasiness.

I have seen Mama but little since she came here
for she has been at Clover this fortnight for the benefit
of the Air. We heard yesterday that they were all well
and you may depend upon it that I will pay her every
attention in my power when she comes to Town -

I am sorry to hear that you have been Com=
=plaining so much this Summer but I hope this fine
Weather and traviling about will restore you for you
used to be the better of a journey, if it was possible
you could make out one to Scotland it would make
us all very happy, happier than I can express.

Image 2

My Aunts stood their Jaunt surprisingly but have been
very poorly since they came home my Aunt Betty in par=
=ticular with a Voilent fitt of the gout in her stomach
We were all very much alarmed for we had never seen
her worse. I have great reason to hope my Aunts
will be long spared for indeed they have been
good Aunts to me I cannot give you an adequte
Idea of their Goodness Kindness and Freindship but
I return you sincere thanks for being so kind as to
place me with them -

We are very happy to hear such good
accounts of Jemmy and hope we shall see him
in Scotland with you this Autumn my Aunt's
are wishing very much to see what he is like and
expect that as soon as he arrives in England he
will write them and give them an account of his

If it is not too much trouble I shall be
glad to hear from you when you are at Leisure
and with hopes of Pardon I remain
your Dutiful Daughter
Margt Watt
PS my Aunts Desire their best Compliments to you

Image 3

[annotation] Copy letter to Peggy Watt
Augt 28th 1787

Image 4

Messrs Boulton & Watt


Margaret Watt (II) to James Watt (II), 18 September 1787

She replies to her father’s reprimand, what she calls his ‘Freindly letter’ with an apology. She assures him that she will pay her stepmother every attention when she comes to town. She hopes the weather and work will improve his health. She is hopeful that her aunts will remain in good health, as they have been so good and kind to her.

Watt, James and Family Papers

MS 3219/4/1/1/8/9

Library of Birmingham




Calton [Glasgow, Scotland]

Messrs Boulton & Watt, near Birmingham [Warwickshire, England]