2240 - Gregory Watt to James Watt (II), March 1790

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Heathfield March 1790

Dear papa

I hope that you arived safe in town and had an
agreeable and pleasant journey. The wind was very high here both on
friday night and on saturday. The fires burnt very well and allmost the
whole of the turf was consumed. We esteem our selves peculiarly lucky
for allmost as soon as they left of work {^on saturday} the sky began to over cast and
it proved a very tempestuous night. Mama [?Jessy] and [?Miss Mynd]
are gone to Handsworth church. I should have gone too but as I have
a cough Mamma said that I had better not and I think that I
cannot employ my time better than in writing to you.

I hope you found Mr and Mrs Mathews well. Dr Withering was here
yesterday and said if {^we} would send to Edgebaton about 9 he would
send us some purch to put into the pool, Master Angus has taken
up the trade of stealing eggs and has allready stole four and
will I dare say use every e{^n}deavour to steal some more. Mama and
Jessy are just returned and say that they have had a very good

Image 2

sermon we are to dine at Mr Boultons Jocky is grown madder and
Dumpling soberer than before and as for pompey he was taken
with such a strong idea that either mice or rats were under the fires
that nothing would satisfy him until he had examined one
that was just lighted and consequently {^not} very hot [illeg] in the ope-
-ration he got his mouth so full of smoke that he was forced to retire
sneezing most dolefuly however he soon returned and did not
desist untill in the side of the heap he made an hole big en{^o}ugh to bury
himself when he had done this he gave over being either being convin
ced of the fallacy of his opinion or that if any thing was there it impos
ible for him to get at it. Mamma is just a going to write to you &
Jessy sends her love and duty to you I remain dear papa
your affec and dutifull son
Gregory Watt

Image 3

Mr Watt
Mr Mathews

Gregory Watt
Mar: 1790 [opposite side]


Gregory Watt to James Watt (II), March 1790

He reports on the weather. The rest of the family have gone to church but he cannot travel as he has a cough (so he writes this letter instead). He gives a long description of Pompey’s [a dog] reaction to a fire, determination to find mice or rats under it, and getting ‘his mouth so full of smoke’.

Watt, James and Family Papers

MS 3219/4/1/1/9/2

Library of Birmingham






Mr Matthews, London