2237 - Margaret Watt (II) to James Watt (II), 14 July 1787

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Calton July 14 1787
Hond Sir

I took the opportunity of Dr Hill's going
to London with his Nephew to write you a few lines
but to his great disapointment he did not see you therefore
he brought the letter back again, he thought he should
be at Birmingham, but had not time as his stay
was shorter than he expected it would be Dr Hill
saw by the Papers that you were at London, and
went to the Albion Mill two or three times to inquire
for you, the People there said the account of your

Image 2

being in Town was a mistake for you were not, neither
had had you been there nor was you expected.
My Aunts have both been Complaining very
much this Winter, Aunt Marr I am affraid is in a
very poor state of health: she has a Continual headach and
a pain in her Side, and is troubled with very Low spirits
We intend to go for a few weeks into the country and
I am in great hopes it will do both my Aunts good.
my Aunt Betty was very ill all spring, but is now better,
it is realy wonderfull what she goes through, I had no
Idea, that she ever was so ill as I have seen her since I
came here; but she say's she has been often worse -
I dare say you will be very greived to hear that
your Freind Dr Irvine is dead he went to the Glass

Image 3

House to see a Pot made he was overheated and did not
take time to cool himself he took Cold Fever and died
in ten days after -
I am very sorry to hear from Miss Mcgrigor that
Mamma and Jessy have been ill. I hope they are now better
and that your own health is not so bad as it used to
be: I wrote to Mamma some time ago and my Aunt
will be glad to hear from her, they desire their best
Compliments to you both -
We have had a favourable Winter but a cold stormy
and unhealthy Spring: the Fever has been very Fatal
here - Please to give my Duty to Mamma Love to
Gregory and Jessy - there is a Mrs Davieson
here an Old acquaintance of yours, who desires to be

Image 4

kindly remembered to you
I remain Dear Sir
your Dutiful Daughter
Margt Watt

[annotation] P Watt July 14th

[original hand] Mr James Watt
Via Ferry bridge

PS I should be glad to know if you have heard
any thing of {?Jemmy} and when he is to be home
if he is come already I would be oblidged to you
to tell him I shall be glad to {^hear from} him


Margaret Watt (II) to James Watt (II), 14 July 1787

She sent a letter to her father to London, but it did not reach him. She reports that her Aunts Marr and Betty have been very unwell this winter and they plan to go into the country for their health. She reports that her father’s friend is dead through overheating and a fever. She is sorry to hear her stepmother, Ann Watt, and Jessy have been unwell. It has been an ‘unhealthy Spring’.

Watt, James and Family Papers

MS 3219/4/1/1/8/7

Library of Birmingham





[Glasgow] [Scotland]


[Warwickshire] [England]