2223 - Elizabeth Lister to James Clitherow Esq, 3 October 1798

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In answer to your letter of this Morning I hope I shall be able to entirely
exculpate Myself from either neglect of my Charge or Interested View.
In regard to Anna Lynsdale remaining at Home with me –
before Mr Myddletons Death the Girl had made so many complaints
and was so Dissatisfied her Coz’n thought proper to go to him saying
it was not a place proper for her, but Mr Myddleton did not pay any
attention to her requests, she has since made many objections to Mrs
Allen & tho she said before you if was to be at school she had rather
be with her than at any other place.
I must now beg leave to observe tho’ she has
not been at School I have paid her schooling till within six
week’s and I assure you upon my Word I have found her so little improved
either in Education and the manners of a Gentlewoman that wished
to try if she cou'd not be a better modelled by example in my own
Family where if she could learn any thing she has constant
opportunities for seeing Polite Arts with works of oeconomy –
and she sees all the Company I see and goes out with me –
had I not been informed you were absent from Boston House
I sho’d have addressed you on the subject of her affairs but as I
thought it of little consequence whether she remained under
my roof or at Kensington it was as well to let the Business

Image 2

till I had the Pleasure to see you
Mr Myddleton told me if I would take charge of her none of her
Relation wou'd trouble Her which I find is not the case a very dirty
Man and Woman with Children/ as she tell me/ came to the School
one said she was her Mother the Others her Brothers and Sisters –
about five weeks since 2 other Women came to my House who said
they were her Relation told my Servant the lowness of her Birth and
that her Mother was a garden gatherer their design seemed to be to
tease and mortify her. A few Days after a woman came who really
drew a Crowd to my door She ann think was her Mother and she till
she is out of her senses this Woman talked of Law and taking by
force. During my stay at Twickenham she was twice to Visit her
Coz’n at Ilsworth, a place I think highly improper for her but
that will be determined by you I can only say if she goes there I
Shall decline having anything further to do with her. Mrs Conway
is so ignorant she is not satisfied to have her Company but she takes
her to Visit in every Person’s kitchen where she serves the Family and
I have been with her at Houses when she Visit the footmen that
come with these Ladies to my door this is not all She has persu
aded the Girl to be in Love with the Lad who serves in the Shop
and to whome Lynsdale says she it to be Married when there is an
opportunity. I have not stated my reason for keeping her at
my House till I see you and I hope you will see my motive

Image 3

In the lights I have merit them, for the good of the [illeg]
Child I ever meet with at her age.
I write this in hast as I am going immediately to
Twickenham and Shall not be able to finish my Business there
before Thursday night or Friday morning
I am Sir
Your Obedient
Elisa Lister
Charles Street
Wednesday noon

Image 4

Mrs Lister
3 Oct [illeg]
seen her since

James Clitheroe Sig
Boston House
Brentford Butts
Penny Post
Three O’clock


Elizabeth Lister to James Clitherow Esq, 3 October 1798

Concerning the care and education of Ann Lynsdale, ward of Court of Chancery, allegedly illegitimate daughter of Dr John Taylour. School has not improved Ann in education or manners, and she has come to stay with Lister instead to learn from the example of her family. People have arrived at her door claiming to me Ann’s family.

Lister, Elizabeth


London Metropolitan Archives




Charles Street Manchester Square, London

Boston House, Brentford Bath, Middlesex