2220 - Elizabeth Lister to James Clitherow Esq, Undated, 1800

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I sho’d have done myself the pleasure to answer yours by
the return of post but has some other matters to communicate
which I had not time for before this day.
You were possible surprised Ann Lynsdale kept her
Vacation with me after I had determined she sho’d go to
Her relations. The day after I wrote to you last when I
think she had be about three week at Brampton I had
a visit from Miss Antrim wishing to return the Enterence
& sent her back, in short her conversation to a child who
sleept with her had been so extremely indelicate that Miss
Antrim fear’d she might loose two genteel children sisters
by keeping one not proper to be in her school. I have had
some difficulty to prevail with her to keep Ann who now is put
with the teacher. Mrs Antrim was apprehensive some man
was to fetch her as he told the child she had some such thoughts.
I must likewise observe the man is not the person I supposed
was the intended husband but a young surgeon at Hisworth

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Mrs Lister
No date
In 1800

On this account I have been obliged to keep her with me till
after all the Holiday Business was over or she could not return to
Brampton. I fear the school will be rather too expensive for us
if I cannot make them take of some of items I did not expect. She
has been there only ten weeks the Bill sent in is for £14 6 6
I paid for enterance & a silver spoon towels etc with pocket money
within a shilling or two six pound.
I observer you have not taken any thing of this quarter for her
mother I mentioned it to Ann that something must be done for her.
She said (which you may not know) that Mrs Conway pays her
two shillings per week a bequest from Mrs Jones her sister.
I am sorry to hear you are indisposed and beg you will
not at any time give yourself the trouble to out of yr
way to bring the allowance as you may place it to my account with
Gosling which was the way I rec’d it of Mr Myddleton I keep a cash
account with Gosling.

I am Sir
Your obedient etc
Eliza Lister


Elizabeth Lister to James Clitherow Esq, Undated, 1800

Concerning the care and education of Ann Lynsdale, ward of Court of Chancery, allegedly illegitimate daughter of Dr John Taylour. Discussion of the care and schooling of Lynsdale, who briefly stayed with Lister. Lister is sorry to hear that James is indisposed.

Lister, Elizabeth


London Metropolitan Archives



in 1800

Charles Street Manchester Square, London


Boston House, Brentford, Middlesex


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