2212 - Ann Whitehead to Martha Heddin, 10 April 1774

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frome 10 Aprill 1774

Dear Ladys

I am very much obliged to you for your
very kind Letter which allways gives me grat pleasur
but am sory to hear you contineue in the same -
feeble way I was in hopes the sumer would have
inabled you to awalkd about but since it cant be
we must all submitt to the will of God
I am afraid I shall be as bad as you though not the
same Disorder mine is Ruematcker I had it in my thigh
when I had the Pleasuer to be with you and it has bin a
great deal worse all the winter but I can go a bout the
town but am Deprived of my plesante walkes as I [uest?]
to have but am thankfully I can go so well as I do

Jackeys poor Uncle Diyed
sune after he got to his brothers so never came home again
his widow is now bedriden and if the young man her
nefew dont alowe her sumthing she must come to the parish
sune but I hope he will

I must now tel miss patty I have a
good oppertunety to have her Ruffels brorght safe if she
will be so good to send them to London to ms Lacys hole sale
Linen draper in friday Streat No.r 55 derected to miss Lacy.

Image 2

which is the barer of this she will stay in London about
a mounth She was poor mrs baylis sister mr balys is
marred again and his wife is big with Child to his
great Joye and pleasur
My two neighbouers miss Morgans
desiers thare compilement thare mother contineus the
same reather more forgitful but very well in health
and strgrong as Ever. She was I beg my compts to mrs
frontinge I think it a long time since I heard from
you wanting to hear often if I Could but hope I shall now
by miss Lacy with the Ruffel or Ruffels that I may make
them up when thay are done and will send them as sune
as I can have a Oppertunety so beg you both to Except
my best complets and wish to injoye health and the Uese of
your Lives and am

Dear Ladys your most
humble sarvant at all
A Whitehead

I have never heard
from my brother yet
so dont know wheather
he is Dead or aLive.

Image 3

10 Ap. 1774
Ann Whitehead
of Froom
ab Bro. qu' if
dead or alive

Mrs Heddin at Isleworth


Ann Whitehead to Martha Heddin, 10 April 1774

Comparing their various disorders and lamenting their inability to walk, discussing some ruffles purchased for Miss Patty, and providing an update on the sad case of Jacky’s Uncle.

Heddin, Martha

ACC/1360/099 [5]

London Metropolitan Archives





[Somerset] [England]

Isleworth, Middlesex