2211 - James Champain to Martha Heddin, 21 August 1779

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Dear Madm
Encouraged by the humanity of your
Disposition and the Generosity which I am informed
you possess I take the Liberty of writing a few Lines to
you in Hopes when you recollect that I am a Relation
I shall be favoured with an Interview I therefor beg leave
to call to your remembrance my late Father my John Champain
who has been dead sevl years but formerly lived in Nicholl
Street Bethnal Green & carried on the Trade of a paper stainer
& was I am informed well know to you, his Grandmother I make
no doubt you very well recollect was sister to your Father
I am his only Child & from my being the nearest Relation you
have now living (as I am your third cousin) have the
greatest hopes and Expectation that you will on that account
render me some service which I shall ever endeavour to
Deserve I beg leave to inform you that I am Married and
have two very young children & live in Shoreditch follow
my fathers Business but that Treade has for some time past
been so very Bad that I am afraid I amust discontinue it
I have to thank God some small Income Independent of my
Business But but not sufficient for the support of my
Family which is increasing & therefore wish for some
Assistance from you as it is so largily in your power to
grant that it may enable me to procur an Employment
in some Publick Office - I most earnistly intreat the
favour of an answer which will be ever acknowledged by
your Kinsman and most
Obedient hble Servt
James Champain
NB Shall be at Isleworth in Four or Five Days and
shall make Bold to call on you for your Kind answer
Shoreditch N78
Augt 21. 1779

Image 2

Aug 1779

Mrs Heddin
post Paid


James Champain to Martha Heddin, 21 August 1779

Introducing himself as her only remaining living relation and asking for financial help to purchase employment in a public office so he can support his wife and two young children

Heddin, Martha

ACC/1360/099 [2]

London Metropolitan Archives





[London] [England]

Isleworth, Middlesex